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My name is Katherine Cowley. On the web you can also find me as Kathy Cowley. To make sure you don’t miss a new story, sign up for my email newsletter and receive updates two to four times a year.

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I wrote my first story at the age of five, a retelling of the Icarus myth titled “The Turtle That Got Too Close To the Sun.” I have worked as a documentary film producer, a radio producer, and a college writing professor. I now devote myself to writing fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, and personal essays. I have been published and received awards in the Locutorium, the BYU Studies Personal Essay Contest, the Meeting of the Myths, Four Centuries of Mormon Stories, the Mormon Lit Blitz, and the Tempe Community Writing contest. (Most of these stories and essays are available online–see my Short Publications page.)

I love European chocolate, the history of science, Jane Austen, and steampunk fashion. I have lived in the United States, Brazil, and Finland. I currently reside in Arizona with my husband and two daughters.

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If you want to reach me, please email me at kathy (at) katherinecowley.com.

The Long Bio:

I always loved writing, and as a child I wrote some cool stories and some very random poems. (But no, I am not posting that unicorn poem I wrote when I was five. You will just have to imagine it.) But it wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I actually had someone truly critique my writing. My English teacher, Lynn Krumvieda, would write dozens of notes on a single paragraph. It was a wake-up call that there was so I needed to learn about writing, and yet also amazing to see myself transform as a writer.

During high school I also fell in love with film, through my school’s extracurricular television program. I wrote a number of short screenplays and turned them into movies.

I followed a grand family tradition and attended Brigham Young University. (My parents went there. My grandparents went there. And my great grandfather went there, back when it was Brigham Young Academy.) I studied Humanities, which was amazing to learn about art and history and culture and architecture and literature and how they all fit together in different contexts. I minored in film, and worked a part time job as a documentary film producer. I took an awesome class on writing memoirs, and then wrote my honors thesis on the years I spent as a teenager living in Brazil. During my undergrad  I also spent a summer working at the American Embassy in Helsinki, Finland.

I did my masters degree in English: but not in creative writing. I loved story, and I was a decent storyteller, but not a great one, and I still hadn’t really figured out how to get to the heart of a story. And I wasn’t willing to commit myself as a creative writer. I studied Rhetoric and Composition, which I loved. I love seeing how words impact an audience at a particular place and time, and I learned so much in the program that transferred over to my creative writing.

After graduating, I worked as a radio producer for the program “Thinking Aloud,” an awesome think-y interview program for NPR-affiliate station Classical 89. Then I worked as an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University, teaching freshmen writing classes and persuasive writing.

I wrote my first full novel during NaNoWriMo 2010. It is absolutely horrific on about every level (except for the fact that it’s not a horror story). But I learned so much about writing. I also decided I had no real interest in writing a novel again.

During 2011 I did a daily video blog called Days of Film. It was a blast, and I loved how it forced me to think filmically (visuals + movement + sound) every day.

And then in 2012 I realized that creative writing and I could just not live without each other. Since then I’ve been writing and publishing short stories and essays. I’m currently revising two novels which will (someday) be ready to submit for publication. I moved to Mesa, Arizona and did a stint as an adjunct faculty member at Mesa Community College, teaching composition courses.

I love art, film, travel, reading, learning, and thinking about life. I love playing board games and card games, taking walks outside, and drooling over cool photography. I’ve dabbled in Chinese brush painting and Chinese calligraphy. Works are on display in my home, should you be lucky enough to visit. I’m fluent in Portuguese and can carry a conversation in Spanish, though I’m apt to substitute Portuguese words and phrases at any opportunity.

In addition to being a writer, I’m also a stay-at-home mom, with an awesome husband and two adorable daughters.

You can read most of my short publications online, or watch my short films.

In June 2015 my story “The Clockwork Seer” will be published in the steampunk anthology Steel and Bone.


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